PBAB| Laura Govan’s House Robbed, 700K missing.


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Former Basketball Wives cast member Laura Govan’s house was left in shambles after it is said that someone broke into her home and took her most valuable items. They actually made off with a ton of cash actually.

According to the police report, Govan’s San Fernando home was a disaster zone when she came home last month from vacay. The kitchen window was smashed and items were thrown all over the house. Laura told cops the crooks made off with $98k in cash and $615k in jewelry … including a $50k Rolex.
Her home is in a gated community, but as we’ve seen in the recent string of burglaries … that doesn’t seem to matter. Govan has a security system, but says she didn’t turn it on … so a friend who was watching her dog could easily come and go.
A neighbor told cops she heard the dog barking one night around 1 AM, but didn’t think much of it. Govan’s motion sensor doorbell also detected movement that night around 12:44 AM. She told cops video footage from her system didn’t save because it’s not connected to the cloud.
So far, no arrests and no suspects.

Recently Laura was on Iyanla Fix My Life where she had been busy getting her life fixed lol. Maybe someone saw what they wanted there? lol Nah but in actuality people probably was watching her home from the jump. (SOURCE)


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