Laura Govan exposes Gillbert Arenas Text Messages


So much going on with Laura Govan.

One of Laura Govan’s friends have shared an alleged message from her (Laua’s) ex-fiancee and baby daddy, Gilbert Arenas. For years the pair, who shared four children together, have battled on social media and in court over their co-parenting issues. On Saturday (June 3rd), someone from Laura’s account wrote:

Since Laura don’t really want to share with y’all her real horrible troubles with her REAL PIECE OF SH*T BABY DADDY! As a concerned person for those kids and her. This is the stuff he sends her dad to share with her. He won’t leave her alone. He’s obsessed with her and she better be careful. When is this man gonna move on and learn to just be a father to those kids he had with her and WHEN CAN SHE JUST LIVE AND HE MOVE THE F*CK ON WITH HIS LIFE! I believe my friend is in Real Danger! He is really crazy dangerous and needs help! Pay your court order child support. He is trying to brake her and make sure she’s broke so he can control her! Funny this came right after she got robbed. #OJ #Obsessed #Freelaura #getalife #moveon #seekperfessionalhelp #Thosepoorkids

They had also included a few of Laura’s screenshot text messages. In the messages Arenas is giving her an ultimatum about child support and court cases.

Laura Govan Exposes Gilbert Arenas Text Messages: No one can force me to pay child support!

The saga of Laura is getting so juicy.

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