WTF| Joseline Hernandez is leaving Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Threatens to EXPOSE Mona Scott Young!

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So apparently the Puerto Rican Princess is talking about “LEABIN’ LUBB AND HIP HAPP”

Lol yes, Joseline Hernandez is saying that she is planning to leave Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. Previously Joseline has went on a rampage also stating that she was going to expose Love and Hip Hop Atlanta producer Mona Scott young.

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oh mannn, oh mannn…  and not only that the story is just beginning click below the break to get the details.

The star (I mean the only one who was bringing the most attention to the show, in my opinion)submitted her resignation via Instagram and also issuing one last promise  threat.

Now Joseline went on earlier speaking about how Joseline plans to expose Mona Scott Young. Yes! Ole girl posted a video online stating that she was going to expose Mona.

She says:

“I’mma come back in about five minutes. I need ya’ll to have yall phones ready to record what I’m about to tell you about this b**ch Mona [Scott-Young] and how she muthfukin treated her cast members and all the s**t that she’s done to us throughout the muthafukin years. I’m a let everybody know. I want you to hashtag Oprah and I want to go sit down with Oprah. Can yall hashtag that?”

Shit on there seems to get crazy now.  How in the hell is it possible that they now wanna add some thirsty trying to hard bitch on there now that goes by the name of PANAMANIAN GODDESS. She is really trying but she can now be the new Joseline Hernandez if she really likes. To be quite honest I think it is best for Joseline to leave for her own sanity and for the baby but I hope the show does survive.

Are you still gonna watch Love and Hip Hop Atlanta without Joseline?

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