Woman posts video of Ex getting head from heroine addict after she was missing Child Support!

Shit I feel bad for both individuals. Shit she not getting her child support and he was tagged in a video in front of all of his family and friends. The video was of him slurping the dick of some drug dealer for some crack.

So normally women post photos and screenshots but this woman went to the ultimate low. So apparently she has been missing child support from her baby’s daddy and now that she can’t get it she is putting him on blast for the cock-sucking junkie that she really is. This woman was straight cold blooded lol
             Image result for Marlon wayans i'll suck yo dick gif

Get photos down below….

There is so much issues here I’m  tryna figure out who was recording this shit?      
So the story was first posted on Dude Comedy and the person who sent the video to them was clearly a close friend who wanted to help put baby daddy on blast. But did she not know that she is going to also make her friend look bad as well.


Wow  I have so much to say here but I want you guys to let me know down in the comments.


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