Rob Kardashian and Meghan James new romance and family doesn’t approve.

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If you don’t know Mehgan James then you don’t know the leader of BAD ASS BITCHES! Mehgan was a star on Bad Girls Club and Basketball Wives LA. So what we do know is that Mehgan takes no shit from anyone, she is loyal and she keeps it 100.

Well let’s hope she is loyal enough for Rob Kardashian, who Mehgan is now dating. Yes she is keeping it up with the Kardashians now. Most people approve of Mehgan and Rob’s new romance but others don’t.

An insider reveals….

 that the duo are trying to keep their relationship on the down-low and aren’t ready to go public yet.

In Touch — which was first to break the news on Wednesday, May 31 — reports that Kardashian’s famous sisters aren’t excited about his new romance.

“This girl also seems to like drama and they don’t trust her intentions,” the insider adds.

(I have a weird feeling one of the insiders are his sisters. Why does that sound like one of them and it sounds like something they would do because oh man those girls hate to see that boy happy. They hate it, I find it funny that they have to approve of who he dates but he doesn’t vice versa. It fucking sucks.)

But, a source tells Us, that James, who appeared on multiple seasons of Oxygen’s Bad Girl’s Club, has grown up since her time on the show.

“She’s matured and will be a good fixture in Rob’s life should this continue,” the insider says.

What do you think? Are they an item? Are they even  compatible?
Will one of the sisters get busted in the nose soon?

Lets hope she kicks one of the sister’s asses.

What do you think let me know in the comments……

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