Lil Kim Mansion facing Foreclosure on Face and Mansion.

Heard the bitch got a new face too lol

Rapper lil Kim is currently facing a foreclosure on her mansion.
okaay my Gawd I wanna laugh, this bitch face looks like it’s bout to foreclose what the fuck I should’ve  used an old photo the bitch ugly now. Bitch round here paying for a new face and her and her damn child bout to have no place to stay uggh fuck it. I’m done with these mutha fuckas.
                      Image result for lil kim ladies night gif

A New Jersey Judge ordered her sprawling estate Alpine, NJ, home foreclosed on according to court documents. Kim had been fighting a foreclosure lawsuit since 2010 when HSBC bank sued her for failing to pay her $10,000 per month mortgage.
Kim, whose real name is Kimberly Jones, had been trying to work out a payment plan with the bank, but the bank claims she stopped responding to them and got a judge to grant the foreclosure so they can proceed with a public auction.
Bergen Country court documents reveal that Kim owes more than $1,929,358.88 on the home.

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