Kathy Griffin| Trump and his family has been bullying me!

Kathy Griffin

We know that Kathy Griffin is in a lot of heat for posting her photo of her holding a strangely realistic figure of  Donald Trump’s head. In case you missed it Click Here. And I had also given my opinion on the situation, as what I do with almost every blog post, and In case you missed that Click Here.

But now Kathy is doing something that I am kinda not sure on. Kathy is going to hold a press conference where she is going to explain the reason why she did what she did and one of her main reasonings was that Trump and his family has been bullying her long before the presidency.

First off ma’am who doesn’t Trump Bully. lol.

                           Image result for Donald Trump gif

Via Sandra Rose:

Griffin, 56, will speak for the first time since the infamous photo caused a massive backlash around the world.
Like a typical narcissist, Griffin plans to shift the focus onto the Trump family by claiming the Trumps “bullied” her.
The decision to hold a conference comes after Griffin hired attorney Lisa Bloom to help repair her public image after she was fired by CNN and dumped by her sponsors including the makers of the Squatty Potty.
Bobby Edwards, CEO of Squatty Potty, said “My heart fell into my stomach,” when he saw the grisly image of Griffin holding what looked like Trump’s blood-soaked severed head.
“I was totally disappointed and heartbroken and I thought this campaign, we have to kill it. We cannot have her with this image,” said Edwards.
“When you see an image like that that’s so divisive and so disturbing, you don’t have a decision, really,” added Edwards. “It was the total disrespect for the office of the presidency and decorum and the way we conduct ourselves. It crossed the line and was very offensive, not only to me but to people I love.”

Wow this is a tough one. I don’t think that it is that serious for people to go crazy about. First and foremost like I stated when I gave my opinion on this situation I stated that no one gave a shit when they were getting mannequins and putting Obama’s face on them and hanging them.

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