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Okay so Kathy Griffin has recently received backlash from everyone because of her photo of Trump’s head in her hand and this is something that I just wanted to go back over and address because I even made a few remarks in my post about it that I want to take back.

If you missed me reporting this (Click Here)…..

I had made the quote where I stated the following:

“So pretty much what is going on here is basically you see where people are stating that “OKAY THEY DISLIKE HIM, BUT THIS IS DEAD ASS WRONG.”

I utterly hate Trump’s mind and ways and I’m not gonna lie this is something that I would do but at the same time this is a little too gross.”

That statement needs a little clarity and I’m basically going to tell you why this is all based on opinions and a person’s mind….

When I stated this is something I would do, Yes I literally meant I WOULD POSE WITH A HEAD LIKE THAT, but NOT  to that extent of where it looks so damn real. I do believe that Kathy is just using this photo to speak her mind and I do find it fascinating how photos speak millions of words.
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Now everyone is going crazy about her doing that, but do they remember all of the death threats that was made to the most disrespected president in the United States…..

Image result for obama lynching photosNow if we all can remember when stealing
 mannequins and putting Obama’s face on them was something popular. Oh and let’s not forget the hanging them
up and lighting them a fire.

White Americans were angry about the fact that  a Black man was in the office. Everything this man did, even without scandal or embarrassing the nation….was  a fuck up to White people.

Now lets remember this and think about it, is it any different from what Kathy Griffin did?
What she did wasn’t a threat it was a photo filled with expression screaming “I hate Trump” Just like the overreactions of White Americans that went butt-hurt crazy because Obama was president. They spoke badly about this man’s wife, his children, his mother, his grandmother, his father THE MAN’S FAMILY.

Now I will say that there are some people who hate Trump to the magnitude that there is not this much passion in there heart to take a photo like that, and there are some people who are really gunning for this man to be dead.

What’s wrong with what Kathy did?

Do you think what Kathy Griffin did was foul or was it just the expression of an American?

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