White Couples Earned Millions and Still Managed to cheat welfare

Please don’t let the statistics and wrong media fool you into thinking that only African Americans and Hispanics are the only ones on food stamps and SSI. Trust and believe there are a lot of White families on this as well and are probably cheating the system like the people featured in this post.


LAKEWOOD — The arrest Monday of four couples, including four people who had earned millions of dollars, may just be the start as officials crack down on welfare fraud in this Ocean County community.
Rabbi Zalmen Sorotzkin, 39, of Congregation Lutzk, and his wife, Tzipporah, 35; and Mordechai Breskin, 37, and his wife, Jocheved, 35, were arrested on charges filed by the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office. Continue reading

SO TF WHAT| Mary J Blige Ex Husband doesn’t like the way she went about their issues at BET AWARDS and wants to “TELL THE TRUTH” On Instagram

Mary J.Blige went on stage at the BET MUSIC AWARDS and sung the fuck out of a song called “Strength of A Woman”. Now this isn’t just any ordinary Mary J. Blige happy go lucky, I’m in the blues type song. No this song literally took a life of it’s own living as the pain that she experienced with her ex-husband Kendu Isaacs.  Continue reading

Man runs for 32 years and is finally caught

An Arkansas prison escapee who had been on the run for more than three decades has been recaptured.

The state Department of Corrections says 60-year-old Steven Dishman was arrested Sunday at a home in Springdale in northwest Arkansas by local law enforcement and state troopers. The department initially spelled Dishman’s first name as Stephen.

Details of what led authorities to Dishman and his arrest were not immediately released.

The corrections department says Dishman was serving a seven-year sentence for theft of property and burglary convictions in Washington County when he escaped on May 28, 1985.



Kindergarten Teacher fired after she would not quit her 2nd Job.

Damn, I’m very thankful that these teachers didn’t come my way back in school. Maybe I’d have child , or maybe I’d we’d both be getting our ass kicked.

According to DailyMail: A Christian kindergarten school teacher was fired for refusing to give up her side job as a $2,500-a-time porn star. Continue reading

Police Investigates after man was shot in stairwell of Motel in Raleigh.

Raleigh, NC-

Officials say a man was shot on Saturday in the stairwell of a motel.

Around 11:45 p.m., officers with the Raleigh Police Department responded to a shooting at the Wake Inn located at 3120 New Bern Avenue.

One man sustained non-life-threatening injuries in the shooting, police said.

According to officials, a suspect has not been identified. The shooting is under investigation.

Children left in Hot car to die, Mother is arrested says she did it to “teach them a lesson”.

A Texas mother had left her children inside a blistering car says she only did it to teach her children a lesson.

Cynthia Marie Randolph is now in custody of the authorities because she intentionally left her children to die inside of her car. She was charged with two counts of first degree murder.

Randolph’s 2-year-old daughter, Juliet, and 1-year-old son, Cavanaugh, were found dead in a locked car in the driveway of her home outside of Fort Worth on May 26, , police said.

The kids were left in the car as temperatures soared to an oppressive 96 degrees, the station said

Randolph told the authorities that a half hour later after arriving home, she had later on tried in vain to save the children from the car dafter she had noticed the children being too quiet. She came outside from folding laundry expecting the 2 and 1-year-old to be outside joyfully playing. She went to the car to find her children in there appearing to be sleep with her keys and cellphone locked in as well.

She later on came to authorities with the truth and it revealed a whole different scenario.

Cops said Randolph later admitted she locked the children inside the car on purpose.

“When they refused to leave the car, the defendant said she shut the door to teach Juliet a lesson, thinking she could get herself and her brother out of the car when ready,” authorities said in the probable cause affidavit.

“When she woke, the defendant found her children in her vehicle, unresponsive,” authorities added. “The defendant said that she broke the car window to make it look like an accident.”

Later on the mom admitted that she smoked weed and fell asleep for several hours before and had finally came to realization of her mistake.

San Jose State University professor Jan Null, who works with the National Safety Council, said 13 children have died this year from heat strokes after being left in hot cars, the station reported.


Is James Hall really gay?

It goes down in the dm, it goes down in THE dm. 

So recently a gospel singer by the name of James Hall was blasted by one of his alleged consorts by the name of Bishop Jeffrey Thomas, from North Carolina.

So I’m gonna give you the story and my opinon on this okay. Story goes that Hall befriended Thomas after he was struggling with an illness. Hall makes claims that the relationship was more christian-like love, and nothing more. He says he didn’t want it to be nothing more than that but Thomas kept pushing the envelope and he declined plenty of times.

When Hall didn’t have the same feelings for him, Thomas flew into a jealous rage.

The lawsuit states Thomas took to his social media to hint about their sexual relationship. He also contacted members of the church to spread more rumors.

“There is not justification for this conduct. Mr. Thomas has never expressed any purpose to his actions other than some imagined relationship he believes he has with me and is nothing more than a disgruntled fan.” –
James Hall

Thomas is also threatening to release a sex tape and nude photos of Hall and another man named Pastor Kevin Bond.

Later on Thomas put out a photo on social media, that rubbed many the wrong way and he had deleted it. Take a look down below….


A little odd don’t you think?

Hall went online to explain things and share his side of the story on that photo.

James Hall’s Post

Here are a few more photos of James Hall and Thomas as friends……lol



Now in my personal opinion this thing could go two ways.

There could be a gay relationship… On what planet does two men hop in the same bed together and take photos like that. I mean either you guys are close friends or you guys are gay together. OR GAY FOR OTHER PEOPLE  I DON’T KNOW. Maybe there was a gay relationship and Hall is now denying it because he figures this is where his money is coming from and if the church finds out that he is gay as well, that he wont be getting his coins.

Maybe There isn’t one. I have to admit that maybe they are just that close and that much of best friends and Hall was just that naive and couldn’t see through the waters that Bishop was into him.

but below here are some questionable photos Bishop Thomas released to one of my sources that does raise eyebrows.

There was also claims made by Thomas that Hall and Pastor Bond did have a sexual affair going on.

This is crazy because anyone with sense can spot red signs. Something isn’t adding up and I’m not putting anything past it anymore. And yes I posted a photo of a man’s bottom on my blog. lol



When Hell Freezes Ovah | Petition to remove Dennis Rodman from Hall Of Fame after visiting North Korea to see Dictator Kim Jong UNNNNNN

Dennis Rodman is now getting America’s ass to kiss after he had made his forth trip to North Korea to visit the leader Kim Jong Un. A petition has been established to remove the 56-year-old legend from the NBA HALL OF FAME.

Rodman (right) with Kim Jong Un (left)

Rodman had recently taken credit for the release of 22-year-old Otto Warmbier’s release from a North Korean Prison,but sadly the college student died six days after being released from prison on Monday. Continue reading