Wendy Williams pays Emotional Tribute to one of Manchester Bombing Victims

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Ariana Grande concerts are very exciting. Imagine you’re going to the concert to try and have fun but all of a sudden tragedy strikes with a loud explosion. Well if we all don’t know there was a terrorist attack that occurred at Ariana’s concert. (In case you missed that CLICK HERE)

A lot of celebrity outcry has been going on since. One of the recent celebrities to speak out was Wendy Williams.

An emotional Wendy Williams paid tribute to Martyn Hett, a 29-year-old public relations manager who died in a suicide bomb attack at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England on May 22.

She said Hett saved for 2 years to attend a taping of her show during his whirlwind 10-city tour of the United States. He was set to leave on his dream trip just 3 days after the Ariana concert.

Days before his death Hett tweeted that he scored two tickets to attend tapings of The Wendy Williams Show in New York City.
Wendy fought back tears as she explained that Hett would have been in her audience yesterday and today.
“So Martyn, in honor of you, we’re keeping that chair open,” she said tearfully, as the audience applauded and the camera panned to an empty seat.

Hett was mocked on Twitter after his death because he tweeted in defense of Muslims last year. Twisted Twitter users said he deserved to die at the hands of an Islamic extremist after defending Islam.


First off there is something that I have said before that goes along with the lines of “Watch what you say, the tongue is a powerful thing.” I’ve said that in one of my previous posts on this site and I basically forgot which one. The comment saying that this young man “deserves to die at the hands of an islamic extremist” are very haunting words. Those words will come back to haunt whoever said it.

Secondly, Islam is a religion not a F*CK*NG TERRORIST GROUP! So with all of this hate over the term “Islam”, “Muslim” or anything relating to the religion is f*ck*ng gross. Like lets be honest and clear, Lets think about how many  massacres and wars that were caused because of Christianity of a God who claims to want only “PEACE”!

No i’m not doubting anything and saying their isn’t a God.

What do you guys think? Comment in the section below Please!


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