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What must we take from this youngin who is the daughter of one of Hip Hop’s Gayest  Best controversial rappers. 
Growing up Atlanta Star Reginae Carter opens up about how she found out about the wishy washee snakes of the abyss, that she once called her friends.

Reginae tells Page Six:

“I had a friend, and I trusted her and everything, but she turned around and backstabbed me.”

Image result for lil wayne gay gif“She never showed me a side of her to being fake or that she was just here for the benefits … but it did not quite end up like that. So at this point in my life, I really have to see who is there for me, and it is really hard.”
Me personally, No I haven’t watched the show that much, because I don’t like reality tv but it does give you a good story just like those old shows such as “Guiding Light”, “As The World Turns” or the new ones like “The Have and The Have Nots”. To me they only show that yes, rich folks with jobs can be just as ghetto and classless as regular working people can be too.

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