MTO|Bebe Winans Gay, Bisexual OR Nah?


Gay people on the gospel scene is seen as something taboo or something wrong due to the clobber passages and the bible belt’s strong traditions of believing Homosexuality is a sin. It is hard on anyone born in a highly religious family especially those whose patriarchs or matriarchs are Pastors.

Bebe Winans may have been one of them…..

 According to MEDIA TAKE OUT: 
Gospel artist BeBe Winans is in the middle of a mini-scandal. You see last night he “liked” the photo of a half-nude male model and wrote the phrase “Amen” in the comments.
Almost immediately afterwards, people started coming out and calling BeBe “gay” for liking the male model’s pics.

We’re not gonna comment on it. But it seems a bit PECULIAR for a straight man to be commenting “Amen” on that pic.


Well for starters in his defense I can honestly say that there may have been a glitch in the system. I can’t lie, because I have once been in a situation where I commented the wrong thing on a post. There could have possibly been a glitch.

But on the flip side there are dl gay men in the church, Maybe he is a BISEXUAL  and if he is a gay man on the low, I feel as if he should be open. Also at the same time it really isn’t anyone’s business of what this man does on his private time.

I do believe that there is two sides to this story, So I can’t up and say that Bebe is gay but if he is then he is  

.Image result for bisexual church gif

Maybe it was a mistake, WHAT DO YOU THINK?

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