DAMN | Aisha Tyler Ordered to pay EX-Husband Alimony of $2 Million

Veteran talk show host Aisha Tyler got some raunchy things to deal with.

Tyler’s husband Jeffrey Tietjens filed for divorce last year after 23 years of marriage citing irreconcilable differences.
Aisha had been vocal on “The Talk” about her and Jeff’s inability to conceive a child, now no I am not saying that this is a reason for the break up but this could be one of the leading reasons. A lot of couples go through these rough patches at times especially when they can’t  conceive a child.
Whatever the reason may be, Tietjens has just secured his financial future with a huge two million dollar divorce settlement from his ex-wife.

Damn I aint heard anything about Aisha in a minute but this has hit me as a shocker sooooo we gonnna hit the details below the break……

Sources told TMZ that Tyler is supposed to pay the sum of $2 Million in support and alimony over the next four years.

The Talk” host and “Archer” actress has been ordered to pay her ex-husband $31,250 per month in spousal support over the next 4 years, plus an additional $500k.  Do the math … that’s $2 mil for Jeff.
The 2 will split everything else. Tietjens gets half the money they made from selling their house. He gets the 2012 Lexus and she gets the 2013 Tesla. Aisha also keeps her companies — BTDO Media and Hot Machine.

Damn this is hard to chew because Aisha is a beautiful woman, but behind every beautiful woman is a BITCH HIDING  strong woman who is aggressive and is ready to murder you at every living second you fuck up. Not saying she is one but she probably has her moments.

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