Mom’s 34 Year Old Boyfriend Impregnates 10 year old daughter.

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Mothers you need to protect your sons and daughters. It’s the same thing for you too fathers, your girlfriends and boyfriends are abusing your children either Physically or Emotionally. Question your children and investigate.

Unfortunately a 10-Year-Old girl is now pregnant because her mother failed to protect her from her boyfriend. A 10 YEAR OLD GIRL IS PREGNANT!
No this isn’t the first time this has happened there a numerous things like this that have happened int he past but this is really getting out of hand (It’s been out of hand.)

More Details down below….

Nicholas Thrash, 34, of Marion, Indiana has been arrested for impregnating his girlfriend’s daughter. Thrash and his girlfriend dated for two years and it was during this time that he began to s*xually abuse her daughter.

“Once authorities discovered that the child was pregnant by Thrash, they arrested the child’s mother and charged her with two counts of felony neglect of a dependent on May 16. The woman also has a son. Once the mother was arrested, Thrash reportedly evaded the police for one day. He was eventually caught by police on the afternoon of May 17,” according to Rolling Out.

The mother was also arrested for child neglect.

  • A sudden change in eating habit
  • Mood swings of rage
  • Irrational fear (Or fear itself) 
  • Insecurity
  • Developing new or unusual fear of certain people or places
  • Exhibiting adult-like s*xual behaviors, language and knowledge.’
People we have to do better with who we are allowing around our children. Our children are being abused and it is causing them to suffer from many mental illnesses.

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