6 Year Old Boy Found Dead by Gunshot Wounds

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A Young man in  Mississippi was found dead in his mother’s stolen car. 
Ebony Archie collapsed after learning her child had been killed. Unable to stand, a family member carried her down a flight of stairs at the district attorney’s office in downtown Jackson…
The body of her 6-year-old son, Kingston Frazier, was found in the backseat of his mother’s car, abandoned on a dead-end road in Madison County. The car was 15 miles from the Kroger parking lot in Jackson where it was stolen early Thursday morning with Frazier asleep in the backseat.
Authorities arrested three teen suspects — Dwan Wakefield, D’Allen Washington, and Byron McBride — who are charged with capital murder and are being held without bail, reports the New York Times.
Hinds County authorities say Dwan Diondro Wakefield,Dwan Diondro Wakefield, 17, of Ridgeland, was taken into custody by the Madison Sheriff’s Department Thursday morning. Wakefield, a senior at Ridgeland High School, was the starting quarterback on the school’s football team, according to Superintendent Ronnie McGehee. He was dismissed from the team last year, McGehee said.
DeAllen Washington, 17, turned himself in to the Hinds County Sheriff’s Department Thursday afternoon.
Bryon McBride Jr. was taken into custody and transported to the Madison County Sheriff’s Department by the U.S. Marshals late Thursday.
At 9:47 a.m., approximately seven hours after Frazier was taken, the Amber Alert for Frazier was canceled. The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation confirmed the car had been found, but authorities did not immediately release if he was dead or alive.
Family members gathered at the Kroger parking lot began praising God and pointed to the Facebook page of Frazier’s father as proof the child was alive.
Kingston Frazier
I am currently at a loss of words for the simple fact that these children would do something like this to another child. The other question is why didn’t the mother take her child in the grocery store with her? Not bashing her but there is a reason as to why she did it. 
Also those teenagers, I feel should suffer the maximum sentence. I’m not saying give them the death penalty but time should be served for this.


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