TRUE OR FALSE| Phaedra Parks Receiving Death Threats.

So after The REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA reunion, Phaedra Parks truth has now came to light as it was found that  Parks was lying about Kandi Burruss.  With all of the drama that followed after the broadcasting of the reunion, Parks has now reported that she had been receiving death threats.
(Side counter- Really people we fighting Kandi’s battle, or is it ANGELA STANTON’S) 
TMZ recently reported that Phaedra has been receiving online threats and that at least one fan even wants her to be disbarred!

For the record, my legal friends all say that the bar complaint probably won’t go too far unless the person filing it has ever been directly involved in a case with Phaedra.
Image result for phaedra parks reunionWhile there are several people out there gunning for Phaedra to lose her law license over the lies she told on television, unless they hired her and those lies affected the outcome of their case, there’s no legitimate complaint against her professional license.
That being said, there are still some disgruntled viewers out there who aren’t afraid of voicing their opinion online and some have even gone so far as to threaten Phaedra and her young sons with physical violence.
How far is too far folks? I mean, seriously! It’s a tv show!
I mean come on Phaedra’s truth has already been exposed, the woman aint who she say she is. Let it go people come tf on.

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