Two Suspects shot in Officer-Involved Shooting

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SOUTH LOS ANGELES (KABC) — Two suspects were injured in an officer-involved shooting and car crash in South Los Angeles on Monday, authorities said.
The incident started as a burglary in Torrance, officials said. A resident came home to find people ransacking the house. Among the items taken was a weapon, police said.
Police responded and the suspects took off, leading officers on a chase that ended in South Los Angeles.
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Officials say officers from Gardena police were involved in the pursuit.
The chase led officers to the area of West 108th and South Figueroa streets.
The two suspects were involved in a crash involving several other vehicles shortly before noon. At the scene, the suspects’ car appeared to be smashed up and riddled with bullets.
A witness said it appeared at least one of the suspects had a gun and officers shot at him. Both suspects were injured and updated information on their condition has not been released.
Investigators had not determined yet if the suspects’ injuries were from gunfire or the car crash.

It is asked that anyone who knows any information contacts Los Angeles Authorities.


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