Woman Rammed to Death by Boyfriend’s Baby Mama

We know that there is a constant war going on between all baby mama’s and the new girl that their baby daddy is talking to, in which  I feel a lot of times these things can be fixed before it takes a turn for the worse like this situation.

Tatyanna Lewis, 18,  was killed Friday night after a 24-year-old woman (His baby mama) hit Lewis with an SUV, ramming her against a tree.

See the more shocking information  (Photos)  after the break…

Chynna Stapleton
According to several news sources, the two argued before the older woman, Chynna Stapleton, got into her SUV and ram Lewis into a tree several times. Lewis was pronounced dead at the scene.
BlackAmericaWeb states that the suspect is the mother of the victim’s boyfriend’s child. This may have been the motive for the argument and attack.
Stapleton drove off but was later arrested for Lewis’ murder. Her child was in the back seat of the car during the tragedy

 An autopsy Sunday found that Lewis died of multiple blunt force injuries from being struck by a vehicle, according to the medical examiner’s office. Her death was ruled a homicide.

According to a post on Facebook Stapleton threatened the victim saying that she was going to come over to fight the victim.
Her last status on Friday at 9:12pm was that Stapleton was pulling up and that she was on the block waiting for her. Lewis was killed shortly after this post.

(Opinion: I don’t know what this argument but no matter what the argument was about, the murder still isn’t justifiable. This is just truly sad because this man’s baby mama didn’t like his girlfriend. Sadly that was ole girl’s last status and this is just crazy. Just horrific.)

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