Travis Scott arrested for starting riot.

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(Well my damn don’t this dude look like ASAP ROCKY OR SOMEBODY. I honestly thought this was ASAP rocky or one of them other dudes,,,,No not Kodak but maybe ummm Kodak Black or somebody. I don’t know I’m a lil tipsy right now.)

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Travis Scott’s concert in Arkansas sparked a lot of issues over in Arkansas came to a rude ending after cops swiped him away for reportedly inciting a riot.

Check the video below…

Scott was performing in Rogers, AK Saturday night when officers met him as soon as he exited the stage. Law enforcement sources tells TMZ that he was arrested for inciting a riot , endangering the welfare of minors and disorderly conduct.

(Sounds like them white folks was a little scared..WOW…Yikes)
He was released without bail around 11:30 PM. He’ll have to return to Arkansas for a court date as well.

Here is some footage of what happened….

This is when Benton County 🚨 department declared the show a riot #freetravisscott @travisscott

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He had also got busted for the same thing a couple years ago at Lollapalooza in Chicago.
More recently, Travis encouraged fans in NYC to jump from balconies. It’s kinda his thing … getting fans super turnt, but cops in Arkansas weren’t having it.
It doesn’t appear Kylie Jenner was with him last night. Not shockingly, #freetravisscott is already a thing … even though he’s already free.

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