Chilli Thomas "But for me ALL LIVES MATTER"

Just in time for TLC’s new album Rozonda Chilli Thomas just has probably blown her and T-boz’s chance at selling a new hit album.
Chili from TLC left out one of the biggest portions of their fanbase with her declaration that all lives matter when asked about the ‘Black Lives Matter’ Movement…

(Message to Rozonda Thomas, If all lives did matter then tell me why does it seem that the murders of African American men, women and children are swept under the rug by the justice system and every other human being walking the planet. If all lives matter why does Flint, Michigan still have bad water, why is it that White men aren’t being gunned down and there is justice right off the bat. Even when there still seems to be justice headed and geared towards a Black Man being gunned down, even when he is complying with the cops, justice takes so many years. Now I want you to sit in your BLACK SKIN, in your KINKY HAIR and peer from them BROWN EYES and know that you may be the next Trayvon Martin, You may be the next Sandra Bland, You are the next Philando Castile, you may be the next Tamir Rice and let’s hope that you aren’t the next EMMETT TILL
No one ever said that white lives didn’t matter, we are saying that BLACK/BROWN LIVES MATTER JUST AS MUCH AS WHITE LIVES. White men aren’t being killed during traffic stops (even when a black man is complying he is still getting shot), White men aren’t being buried, they get a chance to surrender, they get a chance to go home even when carrying a weapon, they get a chance to see those little white babies of theirs and smile in their wives face. Ms. Chilli, If you want to be blind be blind and hopefully your arrogance in answering that question catches up with you. GOOD DAY)

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