RIP| DID Aaron Hernandez kill to hide the fact that he was bisexual?

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So news broke last week that NFL player Aaron Hernandez took his own life in prison. Many claims have been made saying that Hernandez didn’t take his own life and that he was murdered. Other questions have also surfaced about Odin Lloyd’s  execution style death.

The motive of Lloyd’s execution style death near Hernandez’s mansion was always unclear. With new information surfacing many are now believing that Lloyd’s death possibly had something to do with Lloyd knowing of Hernandez’s hidden sexual orientation.

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Shayanna Jenkins (Hernandez’s gf),
sister of Shanea Jenkins the girlfriend
of Odin Lloyd

Lloyd’s then girlfriend Shanea Jenkins is the sister o f Hernandez’s fiancée Shayanna Jenkins, and the magazine reported that the then 23-yerar old football star knew his victim could have soon broadcast the information to Shayanna.

Among evidence cited in Newsweek report it is said that the co-defendant Ernest Wallace told detectives that Lloyd had called Hernandez a “SCMOOCHER” and that he (Wallace) would not have helped discard of the mureder weapon if he knew that Hernadez was a “LIMP WRIST.”

(Side Dish| Limp Wrist: A man who is effeminate or who is feminine and has sexual desires for another man. YIKES)

Michelle McPhee, the reporter behind the Newsweek story, had told the Daily News Friday that the  anti-gay slurs were investigated, and as investigators kept analyzing they made the connection.
After killing Lloyd it is said that Hernandez had transferred all of his money into his girlfriend’s account and into the account of a male high school friend who was alleged to be his longtime lover.

A story had also broke that along side Hernandez’s body they had also found three suicide notes, one to his daughter, his fiancée and to his prison lover.

McPhee had previously aired her report about Hernandez’s bisexuality as a possible motive for Lloyd’s killing on Boston radio station WEEI.

An unidentified caller to the Kirk&Callahan show who claimed to have talked to Hernandez and disputed his bisexuality said Wednesday that McPhee’s comments may have led to his suicide, especially given his alleged involvement in prison gangs.
McPhee responded saying that she doesn’t think that her discussion led to his self-harm, but it was likely motivated by the guilt surrounding the murder trials.

Additional INFO
Hernandez was also put on trial for the July 2012 drive-by shooting in Boston, but was acquitted last week. Some believed that the 2012 double murder may have played a part in motivating the killing of Odin Lloyd and that his acquittal could have helped him as he appealed his life sentence

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