Tyga Dissed at Coachella

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Tyga, Lord I normally don’t talk about people associated with the Kardashians other than Kanye, but Tyga seems to now be in a thing of his own after breaking up with Kylie and I think of him as someone who is as miserable as the person in the last post I posted (LAST POST).

Tyga seems to now be getting dissed and disliked by a lot of people for some reason. EVEN AT COACHELLA! TAKE A LOOK….

The story goes that Tyga tried to get into the club as VIP, but it seems that he wasn’t accepted

From The Sun

THERE was trouble for rap star Tyga at the VIP door of Coachella – as he got unceremoniously turned away.

The 27-year-old rapper suffered the ultimate humiliation when trying to access the glitzy back stage area reserved for the biggest names attending the desert festival.

But he was resolutely told he was not allowed access by strict venue security.

“Tyga was told ‘You’re name’s not on the list!’” an onlooker revealed – with the star spotted looking exceptionally peeved at the gates.

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Damn bro, well I hope things work out at the next teenage night club you try to get in to rape some 17 year old white girl.

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