Rudy Huxtable wants Ex-Husband’s Girlfriend Mentally Evaluated

If you had been tuning in to Keisha Knight Pollium and Ed Hartwell’s current battle for custody of their children, you already know that this subject is very heated and messy.

According to The Jasmine Brand Keisha Knight Pulliam recently discovered her estranged husband Ed Hartwell was living with his new girlfriend and demanded a court ordered investigation of their household including a physical, mental and emotional evaluation of the girlfriend.

Keisha also accuses Ed of being in a constant state of drowsiness due to a steady cocktail of OxyContin/oxycodone and anti-depressants and claims she fears for the safety of their child when she is with him.

This seems to be an ongoing cycle between these two lol.
[One thing I have to say about all of this is that though I really don’t like Keisha, JUST NEVER CARED FOR HER, I really do wish her all of the best because she seems to be miserable in her own skin.]

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