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Justice is finally served in the death of nine Charleston church members. As reported in January Dylan Roof was found guilty of all 33 crimes that he had faced.

Now a state jury’s sentenced him to nine consecutive life sentences and three consecutive 30-year sentences after he pleaded guilty to all state charges in the killings.

According to CNN, this clears the way for his federal imprisonment, on death row, to begin.

“This is the surest way to see that Dylann Roof is executed,” said Scarlett A. Wilson, solicitor for the state’s Ninth Judicial Circuit. “We hope that today truly will close a chapter for these victims.”

Now with this sentencing, no state trial or sentencing phase will be necessary.

No word yet on the date of Roof’s execution.

(So I’m just gonna put it liek this it wouldn’t have taken that long had this man been a black man or of some other racial/ethnic group.)

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