RIP| DID Aaron Hernandez kill to hide the fact that he was bisexual?

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So news broke last week that NFL player Aaron Hernandez took his own life in prison. Many claims have been made saying that Hernandez didn’t take his own life and that he was murdered. Other questions have also surfaced about Odin Lloyd’s  execution style death.

The motive of Lloyd’s execution style death near Hernandez’s mansion was always unclear. With new information surfacing many are now believing that Lloyd’s death possibly had something to do with Lloyd knowing of Hernandez’s hidden sexual orientation.

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Shayanna Jenkins (Hernandez’s gf),
sister of Shanea Jenkins the girlfriend
of Odin Lloyd

Lloyd’s then girlfriend Shanea Jenkins is the sister o f Hernandez’s fiancée Shayanna Jenkins, and the magazine reported that the then 23-yerar old football star knew his victim could have soon broadcast the information to Shayanna.

Among evidence cited in Newsweek report it is said that the co-defendant Ernest Wallace told detectives that Lloyd had called Hernandez a “SCMOOCHER” and that he (Wallace) would not have helped discard of the mureder weapon if he knew that Hernadez was a “LIMP WRIST.”

(Side Dish| Limp Wrist: A man who is effeminate or who is feminine and has sexual desires for another man. YIKES)

Michelle McPhee, the reporter behind the Newsweek story, had told the Daily News Friday that the  anti-gay slurs were investigated, and as investigators kept analyzing they made the connection.
After killing Lloyd it is said that Hernandez had transferred all of his money into his girlfriend’s account and into the account of a male high school friend who was alleged to be his longtime lover.

A story had also broke that along side Hernandez’s body they had also found three suicide notes, one to his daughter, his fiancée and to his prison lover.

McPhee had previously aired her report about Hernandez’s bisexuality as a possible motive for Lloyd’s killing on Boston radio station WEEI.

An unidentified caller to the Kirk&Callahan show who claimed to have talked to Hernandez and disputed his bisexuality said Wednesday that McPhee’s comments may have led to his suicide, especially given his alleged involvement in prison gangs.
McPhee responded saying that she doesn’t think that her discussion led to his self-harm, but it was likely motivated by the guilt surrounding the murder trials.

Additional INFO
Hernandez was also put on trial for the July 2012 drive-by shooting in Boston, but was acquitted last week. Some believed that the 2012 double murder may have played a part in motivating the killing of Odin Lloyd and that his acquittal could have helped him as he appealed his life sentence

Tyga Dissed at Coachella

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Tyga, Lord I normally don’t talk about people associated with the Kardashians other than Kanye, but Tyga seems to now be in a thing of his own after breaking up with Kylie and I think of him as someone who is as miserable as the person in the last post I posted (LAST POST).

Tyga seems to now be getting dissed and disliked by a lot of people for some reason. EVEN AT COACHELLA! TAKE A LOOK….

The story goes that Tyga tried to get into the club as VIP, but it seems that he wasn’t accepted

From The Sun

THERE was trouble for rap star Tyga at the VIP door of Coachella – as he got unceremoniously turned away.

The 27-year-old rapper suffered the ultimate humiliation when trying to access the glitzy back stage area reserved for the biggest names attending the desert festival.

But he was resolutely told he was not allowed access by strict venue security.

“Tyga was told ‘You’re name’s not on the list!’” an onlooker revealed – with the star spotted looking exceptionally peeved at the gates.

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Damn bro, well I hope things work out at the next teenage night club you try to get in to rape some 17 year old white girl.

Rudy Huxtable wants Ex-Husband’s Girlfriend Mentally Evaluated

If you had been tuning in to Keisha Knight Pollium and Ed Hartwell’s current battle for custody of their children, you already know that this subject is very heated and messy.

According to The Jasmine Brand Keisha Knight Pulliam recently discovered her estranged husband Ed Hartwell was living with his new girlfriend and demanded a court ordered investigation of their household including a physical, mental and emotional evaluation of the girlfriend.

Keisha also accuses Ed of being in a constant state of drowsiness due to a steady cocktail of OxyContin/oxycodone and anti-depressants and claims she fears for the safety of their child when she is with him.

This seems to be an ongoing cycle between these two lol.
[One thing I have to say about all of this is that though I really don’t like Keisha, JUST NEVER CARED FOR HER, I really do wish her all of the best because she seems to be miserable in her own skin.]

Tyrese Gibson slams and shames Promiscuous Women.

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Okay ladies, Tyrese has something for all of you whores, skanks, skeezers, thots and BITCHES!’

So here is a recap of what is going on. So basically Tyrese Gibson is a well-known handsome man with his own opinions and helpful advice but sometimes, your own advice can be seen as too much.Recently he was out doing an interview with TMZ and he went off the handle speaking out about promiscuous women.

“I appreciate all the ladies out there that are still single, that are holding out. Don’t settle. Don’t settle,” he began. “Because I’m gonna tell you all right now, and this might be harsh. Sluts, skeezers, hoes, tramps and overly aggressive promiscuous women, they are never without a man because they don’t have no standards. They ready to have sex with any and everything that want to have sex with them. But when you are single, and you actually love yourself, you know your value and your self-worth you hold out until God sends you what’s yours.”

“So sometimes they be talking mess to women that are single but I have a respect for them because if you’re single and you might say, ‘I’ve been single for a couple years,’ whatever the case may be, you actually holding out because you have your value,” he continued. “You have women that are active out in these streets, they going to lunches and dinners every night. Private planes, mega yachts, it’s cracking. They’re never without. However, it comes with a cost, you gonna put a lot of miles on yourself down there, come on.”

Wow I use to say the same thing and lend advice to a lot of my female friends who was out there like that, but there are times when you should just point out the double standards as well with men. Men an go and sleep with many of people and don’t get scolded like women do. Though Tyrese has a point I think the message is something that

R.I.P. Charlie Murphy| Charlie Murphy dead at age 57

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Sadly I didn’t find out until this morning and I’m just in shock and partially in gloom but I have to carry on although Charlie was one of my favorites.
Sad news today, Comedian Charlie Murphy has died after a long battle with Cancer. Charlie who was best known for his comedic roles alongside the iconic Dave Chapelle, died at a New York Hospital.
According to TMZ, Charlie’s manager released the news that he’d passed away from leukemia Wednesday morning.

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He’d been going undergoing chemotherapy. Family members tell us they’re absolutely shocked because they thought he was getting better.
We’re told the family would call him frequently, and he’d even joke they were calling too much.
Charlie famously co-starred on “Chappelle’s Show” in some of Dave’s most memorable skits … including the nights Charlie partied with Rick James and Prince.

Charlie also co-wrote some of Eddie Murphy’s movies, like “Norbit” and “Vampire in Brooklyn.” He co-starred in “Are We There Yet?,” “The Boondocks” and “Black Jesus.”He recently toured with Cedric the Entertainer, Eddie Griffin, George Lopez and D.L. Hughley on “The Comedy Get Down.”Charlie’s wife, Tisha Taylor Murphy, died in 2009 from cervical cancer. They had 2 children, and he had another from a previous relationship.Charlie was 57.


Kandi Burruss Countersuing ex-employee

In the season finale of RHOA we see that Kandi’s former employee Johnnie Winston is sitting in an office with Phaedra Parks as he seeks for attorneys to sue Kandi Burruss. It is reported that he is suing Kandi for unpaid overtime.

According to The Jasmine Brand Kandi Burruss has slapped ex-employee Johnnie Winston with a defamation of character lawsuit accusing him of slandering her on national television in an ill-advised attempt to secure a spot for himself on The Real Housewives of Atlanta and bring national attention to his false and malicious claims against her.


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Justice is finally served in the death of nine Charleston church members. As reported in January Dylan Roof was found guilty of all 33 crimes that he had faced.

Now a state jury’s sentenced him to nine consecutive life sentences and three consecutive 30-year sentences after he pleaded guilty to all state charges in the killings.

According to CNN, this clears the way for his federal imprisonment, on death row, to begin.

“This is the surest way to see that Dylann Roof is executed,” said Scarlett A. Wilson, solicitor for the state’s Ninth Judicial Circuit. “We hope that today truly will close a chapter for these victims.”

Now with this sentencing, no state trial or sentencing phase will be necessary.

No word yet on the date of Roof’s execution.

(So I’m just gonna put it liek this it wouldn’t have taken that long had this man been a black man or of some other racial/ethnic group.)

Son murdered by father over DOG!

A 22-year old man, Donald Johnson, passed away yesterday after he was shot by his father. The shootout started over an argument about who was going to walk the dog according to Chicago Police and NY Daily News.
Johnson and his 43-year old father pulled out guns and started shooting each other after arguing about who was going to walk the dog. Both were shot but younger Johnson died from his injuries. The father remains in critical condition.

Just another story about some man who killed his relatives over something petty. Smh