COVER BOY gets dragged for Africa comments.

Ummm okay homie, lets not get yo make up foundation in a clump bitch.
James Charles, Covergirl’s first male model had broke headlines last year after Covergirl announced that they would be using him to be their face.

James who is said to have intelligence (I guess he doesn’t because of his stupid ass comment), was breaking barriers for being Covergirl’s first spokesman. While Covergirl had their eyes on breaking barriers James’ personal fears and ignorance could only build up barriers.

When told that they would be going to Africa  James’ bitchface tweeted…

Many people were up in arms and hell was raised, leading to threats like the following.
After the backlash James had came back and apologized in a long rambling post about Africa. (Fuck your apology bitch we gunnin for yo ass 😂😂😂😂🗡🔫) 
His apology…..
(Side Counter: Bitch Africa aint even a country, I should come to your house and cut the shape of Africa out the side of your plastic gloss ass face HOW BOUT DAH!)
Even after his apology people still went on and on, for which I dont blame them….
Then Covergirl stepped in to defend themselves but left the barbie on the backburner to sizzle in the AFRICAN HEAT! 😂😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥
Even after all of the apologies, buyers were then asking and begging James to be removed from the cover.
My opinion on the overall thing is James shouldn’t be so ignorant because if he knows what I know about the CDC, Ebola, Aids, HIV  he would stfu. Because at the end of the day it is the plot of a white man to kill the people of certain regions so that he could conquer and flourish. -James it is beat to look back at the attack on the Native Americans….they did it thru biological warfare and  “divide and conquer”. IGNORANCE IS  BLISS
AND OH YEA BITCH….AFRICA IS A CONTINENT. 2nd Largest….bet your dickhole is bigger than Africa..

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