Gunshots Heard in background just moments before Radio Host was murdered.

Sometimes we could have not harmed someone but we still ens up getting hurt. Why does bad things happen to innocent people?

(Dominican Republic)-A radio show host Luis Medina was presenting a news story on his radio show on 103.5 FM in San Pedro Macoris when gunshots were fired.

At the time that he was presenting the story he was on Facebook Live and in the live video you could hear the gunshots from that same gun that would seal his fate.


Luis Manuel Medina was killed when he was in the middle of his news broadcast Milenio Caliente (Hot Millennium) on Tuesday.

His producer Luis Martinez was also killed by the assassins.

Medina was using Facebook Live to broadcast his show through social media and in the background as shots rung out a woman came into the room screaming “shots shots shots”

Medina (right) and Martinez (left)
According to the Guardian, the station secretary Dayaba Garcia was also injured in the attack and taken to hospital where she needed emergency surgery. 
The attack happened in San Pedro de Macorís, where the station is based inside a shopping centre.
Police have arrested three men, but not charged anyone. The motive of the attack is unknown.  
Prosecutor Claudio Cordero added the station’s secretary was also shot and had undergone surgery. He hoped the secretary could identify the attackers.
‘We are dismayed by this news of this tragic event,’ said Ana Daisy Guerrero, president of the broadcasters’ association.
Mr Medina was married and is thought to have one daughter.  
The prosecutor Cordero said that members of the public ministry reviewed the videos of the security cameras the commercial center where the station is located.
The Estrellas Orientales baseball team confirmed on their Twitter account the death of Medina, who, in addition to his work at the station, worked as the official announcer for the sports team.

Tributes were paid to Medina and Martinez on their Facebook page.

One comment read

‘There is no word to describe the sadness that overwhelms the family and the people of San Pedro de Macoris for the murder of the voices of our people.’

Another read

Today is a black day in San Pedro, for the loss of these two bastions of the communication.’

(The only thing I can honestly do is express my condolences. It’s just sad to know that these guys, like man other people today, are doing poaitive things and end up dead due to gun violence. No I dont know the situation of whats going on and I dont understand the motives but I realky do hope that whoever did this does the time!)

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