Queens Killer wanted to kill more!!!

Chanel Lewis

Ummm this story is creepy as well as sad asf.

The twenty year old who murdered Karina Vetrano stated that he once wanted to “Murder every girl at his high school.”

Chanel Lewis was arrested on Saturday and was charged with murdering Karina Vetrano, 30, while she was on a jog in  a park near Howard Beach, New York on August 2nd.

Chanel Lewis was only 15 years old when he confessed of his murderous fantasies to a teacher’s aide at Martin De Porres High School, which is an alternative school for emotionally troubled youngsters.

“What happens if I bring a knife to school?” he reportedly questioned the teacher on May 17, 2011.
The school notified the authorities, who did not arrest Lewis, but noted of  him as an “emotionally disturbed person,” sources told the NY Post.

A head school official made claims that  Lewis had no disciplinary record or made specific threats against any other fellow students.

Lewis lived with his single mother, his 2 sisters and their girl children. He was surrounded by women with no male figure to balance out the Estrogen-dominated household.
His father, Richard Lewis, a 70-year-old retired school principal, who apparently didn’t make his son one of his first priorites.
Lewis’ half-sister, Theresa Forbes, 36, insists he didn’t hate women stating

“He has nieces, and he played with them,” Forbes told reporters.

Lewis claims that the night of the incident he was actually in a bad mood, he had originally left home to go get something to eat in nearby Howard Beach.
He says that he saw Vetrano running on a trail inside Spring Creek Park, and he snapped. He punched her, and dragged her off of the path into some tall weeds where he continued to attack her. Vetrano fought for her life, loosing a tooth in the struggle.

It is said that Vetrano may have bitten her attacker and also several of her teeth were cracked as well.  The authorities were able to catch up with Lewis after they examined the victim’s fingernails and found his DNA there.

20 members of Vetrano’s family were present in the courtroom for the hearing.

Sad, you know there are multiple things to be learned from this story from the suspect’s side. One thing I’d like to point out is I do believe that it is essential for anyone who has a child to spend time with their child and get to know their child. You will never know what your child is facing spiritually, emotionally or mentally if you don’t make your child one of your first priorities.

Second point I would like to make is if your child is struggling with emotional or mental issues please be sure to get your child seen by a licensed psychiatrist, counselor or therapist. And these things are needed to be talked about more often than they are. Because children who are emotionally/mentally disturbed are also more likely to commit crimes.

NOTE: No I am not trying to be condescending this is a literal message that should be read with seriousness.

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