Kanye is ANTI TRUMP NOW!!!

I’ve said this once and I am not going to say this again, POLITICS AND CELEBS DON’T MIX.

Kanye West is a very opinionated person who as a rapper speaks about people from fellow celebrities and even down to politicians. Yes Politicians, he is remembered for his statement about George W. Bush after Hurricane Katrina stating that he believes the then president was in fact a racist.

Well most recently Kanye has had his run in with another Republican president who just seems to be as opinionated and outspoken as Kanye is, and that person is Donald Trump.

So recently I posted on here that Kanye West was supporting Donald Trump and was very happy that he won.(Just in case you missed that….HERE YOU ARE) Also if you can go back and look at Kanye’s old tweets you can see where he was defending Trump. SOOOOOO Now it seems that Kanye has changed his mind about “The Donald”. lol

So basically now the big question is what happened?

Kanye announced his support for Trump back in December during a concert, in which he stated HE DIDN’T VOTE BUT IF HE DID HE WOULD VOTE FOR TRUMP. The rapper even took jabs and swings at Jay Z and Beyoncé who were out and about promoting Hillary Clinton’s campaign for the election. 

Also not long after that West was hospitalized due to “EXHAUSTION” and reports also claims that he had a “MENTAL BREAKDOWN”.

Then also in December West AND Trump had a media moment where they were both at the Trump towers where they had a meeting that Trump told journalist they were “Discussing life” and he states that he and Kanye were friends for a very long time.

So there is where the story of their friendship ends…..THE END

Many are now speculating that West maybe upset like many Americans about Trump’s first two weeks in office about his “Anti-Muslim ban” and his goals to repeal OBAMACARE.  We will tell you that West has deleted all of his twitter posts defending the president.

Image result for Beyonce you mad gif

See what I was saying, I told everybody this whole year is about to be rocky and this presidency is just the beginning of World War III and also not to mention that Trump is unfit for office. He is a big laugh in America’s face. TOLD YA SO!

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