Florida Cop Allegedly Robs DUI Suspects of Money

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A florida cop has been placed on Administrative leave after a DUI suspect claims that the cop had allegedly stolen money from him.  John Braman was suspended from Volusia County Sheriffs department after four people arrested for DUI Charges claims that money was stolen from their wallets.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement had been investigating the claims for two months and after finding key evidence that supported the claims they suspended Braman without pay. Volusia County sheriff Mike Chitwood released the video down below.

It is said that  Braman, 33 would turn off the body camera before taking the money from the suspects and pocket it. Chitwood said it is very important to get Braman off of the streets while before he did this to many more people.
Integrity is the cornerstone of any law enforcement officer’s career,” he said in the video. “Once you lose your integrity, you’ve lost your ability to be an effective law enforcement officer.”
Braman has been with the department since 2007. He was one of four individuals chosen as employee of the year in 2011 after he was shot in his left arm while following up on a domestic violence incident. 

Source: Huffington Post

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