Pastor lays with Another Man’s Wife and Flees the home NUDE!

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I sorta remember this cat, this is that same guy who preached all about being loyal and shit. Yup TIME TO BLAST AND ROAST!
Pastor O. Jermaine Simmons was caught red-handed with another man’s wife on his d!{k lol. The husband Benjamin Stephens came home one day after picking up his sick son, to find the pastor there with his wife were both in his oldest daughter’s bed.
 [Okay fucking time out who the fuck does that in their own child’s bed wtf Like I could understand you doing it in your own bed but come on like be for real this is where your child lays her head. I just find it weird, awkward and disgusting. Like I guess you want your child laying her head where a dick was on the pillow.]

The enraged Stephens allegedly yelled “I’m gonna kill him” then began searching for his handgun.
The Amazon description of Simmons’ 2016 book “I Need a Man” promises, “You will discover why every man needs a godly man in his life and how each man can reach back and become a mentor himself.”Stephens chased the man out of the apartment, but the funny part was the man was nude.
Simmons is only survived because he was fast enough and hopped a fence and hid behind that fence until the authorities came.

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Simmons is the author of the book “I need a man”. According to the police report, Stephens had taken the man’s clothes that were left there and had kept them. He refused to give the pastor his clothes back. He (Mr. Stephens) later on agreed to return the pastor’s clothes back after negotiations with the police.
When asked would he like to press charges against Stephens, Simmons declined and the attorney general decided not to prosecute Stephens. 
In a video that was later posted to youtube, Simmons apologized and made an announcement to his congregation who accepted his apology and responded with positivity to his announcement.
[Okay I said it once and I will say it again, this is another case of NOT PRACTICING WHAT YOU PREACH. Like this is just another situation similar to Bishop Eddie Long. They preach against things like homosexuality, adultery, murder and make these things their big topics but end up being the main ones that carry these actions out. No I’m not saying that they don’t deserve forgiveness but I am saying that the Christian Church (Black Church to be specific) is very hypocritical. Pastors can preach against greed all day but be the same ones who are stuffing the donation money in their back pockets. The whole community is left poor but he is the one driving a bentley, he has the 6 bedroom house with 4 bathrooms. While you are still the one who is sitting in a crummy 400.00 apartment and worry about the next check and when it’s going to come. You are the one worrying about not having food for the next night along with not having a pot to piss in. This pastor is somewhere living it up and dancing on your heart behind your back.]
So far I haven’t even decided to roast his cockroach lookin ass but I decided to TELL YOU THE TRUTH. 

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