Federal Bacon Shortage (BAD NEWS FOR YOU BACON EATERS)

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I know the way I wrote that title was as if the government had a say so on it like how they have a say so on money. lol I know I’m crazy but anyway moving on.

 Currently it is being reported that the national pork supply is at its lowest in 60 years.
According to WRAL:
A report from the United States Department of Agriculture said the supply of frozen pork belly, from which bacon is cut, is at its lowest level since Dec. 1957, according to the Ohio Pork Council. The total pork inventory dropped 41 million pounds last month alone.

The Jan. 24 USDA report said the frozen pork belly stock was down 4 percent from Nov. 2016 and 67 percent from the same time in 2015.

The record high was set in 1988 when there were more then 113 million pounds of pork belly in cold storage. This month, though, the record low was set at less than 18 million pounds.

But the news isn’t all bad: The same report said total natural cheese stocks in refrigerated warehouses was up 2 percent from the previous month and 5 percent from the previous year.


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