A suspect with the last name Cheese. wtf kinda shit, I would’ve changed my last name or at least spelled it differently.

A suspect with the last name Cheese robbed a delivery man at gunpoint in Hanover, Pennsylvania.
According to THE YORK DAILY RECORD, A man by the name of Sheldon Cheese,17, allegedly helped Logan Alexander, an 18-year-old Basketball Star steal two pies and $25.00 from a pizza delivery man.

[Really Bruh, you rob someone but only was able to get 25.00 💵, you wasn’t gonna steal a car or nothing or do something extra?]

Via Huffington Post:

Cops say Cheese lured the man out of a car by knocking on the window and Alexander was waiting outside with a gun pointed at him, the Evening Sun noted.
Cops found Alexander’s car near the scene with Cheese’s wallet and ID inside, and the delivery man later identified Cheese as one of the suspects.
Both were charged with robbery and conspiracy, the Evening Sun said.
Penn Township Police Lt. Guy Hettinger told The Huffington Post on Tuesday that the investigation is ongoing.
[Roast Time: Look here you could at least used that damn 25.00 to buy a haircut or a shape up or something. Like bruh why yo last name Cheese when you look like PORK. Yo hair look like the lice was explodin’ dynamite in that bitch. Fat ass face, bruh did you even get to eat the damn pizza. You still look hungry. I just hope none of them boys in that cell was feedin yo booty hole cuz you look like you bout to be takin some dicks when you go in there. They like fresh MEAT …..with a side of CHEESE 🍆🍕.)

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