Katt Williams is banned from 2 Georgia Counties

Katt Williams is currently facing the consequences for some of his many charges that he has been getting. The comedian/actor was asked to stay away from Two Georgia Counties after a 5 Year Probation sentence.

This Thursday Williams plead “No Contest” for the assault of his body guard Corey Dixon,28 on February 28.

He was also charged for his assault on a store clerk .
The Hall County District Attorney Office let go of the assault charge against his bodyguard. All of the charges were reduced and in addition to that Williams was asked to stay away from Hall and Dawson Counties. He has also been asked to pay $7500 to the victim Corey Dixon and had also been sentenced to one hundred hours of community service.

If Williams abides by the court’s conditions, the marijuana charge will be dismissed.

It was not immediately clear what will happen to Williams’ home on Lake Breeze Lane in Gainesville and why the ban extended to Dawson County.

The comedian isn’t able to live in the house in Gainesville currently.

Lets all just hope that sooner or later he wont be banned from the whole 159 Counties of Georgia.

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