Kim Kardashian is supposedly TRAUMATIZED by the alleged robbery!

Relatives of Kim Kardashian West are saying that she isnt doing to well after the robbery in Paris, when masked gunman broke into her hotel room and held her hostage.
The only thing these guys stole was a $11 million ring that Kanye had given her.
Ms. West begged and pleaded with the gunman stating that she had children.

A source close to Ms.West is telling the media that she is crying and having flashbacks to to that “horrifying” night.

Via Huff Post:

“Research on bank tellers and others who experience workplace robbery suggests that this is a completely normal reaction to the violent invasion. 

Many victims of a violent robbery experience acute stress disorder and psychological distress after the incident, depending on whether employees felt like their lives were in danger during the robbery. What’s more, even arriving at your home to discover you’ve been burglarized — a relatively non-violent incident — can cause victims to feel fear, guilt and shame, reported Pacific Standard. “

Not too many people who see this is to sympathetic with West because either they’ve been robbed, mugged or had guns pointed in their faces.
Most of them screaming,” TOUGHEN UP BITCH!”

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