Mariah Carey and Billionare breaks up "She’s Crazy"

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Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon divoreced and we thought that she wouldn’t find anyone else or if she did she would keep it a secret. But that wasn’t so whenshe met James Packer who was already a billionaire and didn’t achieve any of his money from her but through himself.

Well apparently the austrailian billionaire has dumped Ms.Carey, He had apparently gotten tired of Carey’s “self centered attitude”.

It was probably a good thing this happened because we all saw it coming quickly. It was already one thing that she had the attitude but James didn’t like the fact that Mariah was about to document and put their lives on national television.


“It’s all over,” a source said. “James had huge reservations about Mariah’s new reality TV show and the fact that she was willing to expose their lives to the world.”

Page Six — Another source of tension for the couple was that the five-time Grammy winner reportedly refused to support Packer at his sister Gretel’s 50th birthday party in Sydney, Australia, earlier this year, and Packer’s mother, Ros Packer, didn’t get along well with Carey.

Amid the news of a possible split, Carey canceled her upcoming South American tour dates, citing the reason as promoter negligence. “Devastated my shows in Chile, Argentina & Brazil had to be cancelled,” she tweeted on Tuesday, October 25. “My fans deserve better than how some of these promoters treated them.”


RUMORS | Kordell Stewart addresses them rumors.

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So when Kordell Stewart and Porsha Williams Stewart divorced , there was rumors regarding his sexual orientation. 

A story was out that Stewart was arrested in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania after he was caught with a transvestite out in public performing lewd acts. As crazy and fake as the story sounds you still have to be careful about some people.
Stewart  was on the Steve Harvey show and decided to address the rumors then.
He responded:

“First of all, when in the world have I gone to jail in Pittsburgh, because there’s no record,” Stewart says. “I don’t care if it’s 10, 20, 30 years [ago]. If it happened, it would be documented, let alone, being with a transvestite. Now, each is own Steve. Trust me when I tell you, but the life I started and live with my family…the thing I understood about life, is when God created the heaven and earth, he created Adam and Eve. That’s all I know. I don’t know anything else.”

So apparently the guy isn’t gay, or thats what he says.

My Opinion: WHO THE HELL CARES. This is a man regardless of his preference if he likes dick or transvestites or whatever that is his business, His sexual orientation shouldn’t be what makes him who he is but only what makes him part of who he is. Why is this so relevant anyway? I still talked about it and made it relevant to give my opinion.

Fallen Bump| Tika Sumpter gives birth to baby girl.

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A big congratulations to one of the greatest actors in Black Hollywood, Tika Sumpter. She successfully gave birth to her baby girl on October 8, 2016. The baby girl’s name is Ella Loren.There are currently no photos of the child or any vids of the birth, but she has went to twitter and spoke out about the situation and her joy of being a first time mother.

Congrats Tika!!!

Must See |Three Tranvestites says Trump has touched them inappropriately 1990s

After the “Grab her by the pussy” comments have went viral the truth about Trumps degrading of women has came to light. Trump really hates women down to the core. He hates women so much that he even resorted to touching transvestites.

Now let’s get this story correct before we go on. Back in the 1990s;when Trump was seen in a more desirable eye and less controversial, he was hiding his evils under the sheets.

First story that came to light was the story of Ru Paul.

Ru Paul claims that one time at a party where he was wearing all drag at a party in 1995. He says that Trump grabbed his genitals and grabbed his ass.

“I had just come out of the bathroom when Trump jumped on me and kissed me”, he explained. “He started grabbing my ass and pulled my dress up to grab my genitals. He suddenly became very angry. He started yelling and cursing, and he left the party.”

RuPaul says he was attracted to Trump way before the incident but afterwards he felt like Trump was a monster.

The only thing that saved him from being raped that night was that he was actually a male.

Another man (who would like to remain anonymous) in 1996 says that Trump groped his breast and genitals but gagged when he realized he had a penis. The man was in full drag at the time.

Then another that same year claims that Trump apparently stuck his finger up his dress while at a dinner table, right in front of his then wife.

Right now these stories are finally coming out about the demons that have been hiding in the closet.

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Kim Kardashian is supposedly TRAUMATIZED by the alleged robbery!

Relatives of Kim Kardashian West are saying that she isnt doing to well after the robbery in Paris, when masked gunman broke into her hotel room and held her hostage.
The only thing these guys stole was a $11 million ring that Kanye had given her.
Ms. West begged and pleaded with the gunman stating that she had children.

A source close to Ms.West is telling the media that she is crying and having flashbacks to to that “horrifying” night.

Via Huff Post:

“Research on bank tellers and others who experience workplace robbery suggests that this is a completely normal reaction to the violent invasion. 

Many victims of a violent robbery experience acute stress disorder and psychological distress after the incident, depending on whether employees felt like their lives were in danger during the robbery. What’s more, even arriving at your home to discover you’ve been burglarized — a relatively non-violent incident — can cause victims to feel fear, guilt and shame, reported Pacific Standard. “

Not too many people who see this is to sympathetic with West because either they’ve been robbed, mugged or had guns pointed in their faces.
Most of them screaming,” TOUGHEN UP BITCH!”

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Hurricane Nicole Is On Bermuda, America is Next!!!

Hurricane Nicole is currently located south of Bermuda at the moment. The NHC has confirmed that the category 4 hurricane is packing winds damn near 130 miles per hour.

The National Hurricane Service has declared that the storm is possibly coming towards America OR the path may change again.

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Recently these women in this case regarding Donald Trump has come forward about the abuse that they have experienced being in his prescence. Apparently Trumps “Grab her by the Pussy “Comment was something that must’ve been true.

Via CNN: The Times reported that Jessica Leeds and Rachel Crooks each had encounters with Trump in which he groped or kissed them without their consent. One of the alleged incidents occurred in 2005, the other more than 30 years agoThe women chose to tell their stories after Trump told CNN’s Anderson Cooper during the second presidential debate “no, I have not,” when asked repeatedly did he ever “kiss women without consent or grope women without consent.”CNN has not yet independently confirmed The New York Times account.The Trump campaign issued a statement denying all the allegations, saying the reports were politically motivated.“It is absurd to think that one of the most recognizable business leaders on the planet with a strong record of empowering women in his companies would do the things alleged in this story, and for this to only become public decades later in the final month of a campaign for president should say it all,” said Jason Miller, a Trump spokesman.

 With this coming out I am sure that this is something that will push the bigots voting for Donald Trump to try and explain this and defend his actions as they have for the last year. His opponent Hillary Clinton is the candidate who is running and one of her goals is for women’s rights and helping fight rape culture.

To those who don’t know Rape culture is actually something that occurs in this society. Its alive and well today and Trump is that person who is an example.