Love and Hip Hop says they wont be showing anymore Fights

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta has been showing big, fights some seeming bigger than the Civil Rights Movement.

Love and Hip Hop producers have put out documents and having everyone sign them in order to be on the show, the documents are asking that all cast members remain non-violent. Many people are finally happy to see the executives come through and lay down the law on the cast members.
All brawls that occur on tape are now going to be cut out from the t.v. show’s final showings.

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Side Dish: To be honest its a good thing but then again it maybe a bad thing for this too happen. You know the executives, I think are finally scared since the last season’s reunion and the fact that Joseline and Stevie J went on a full launch fight and started the whole stage up on a brawl last season.

This maybe the most riskiest decision that the exec have made because this is the only thing that basically make Love and Hip Hop worth watching and also tlets also remember that the talking and no fighting crap is getting  old.

Everyone has been told that if they do fight or become violent on set that they will be given harsh punishments.(Probably charges put out against them I think). Someone has told me that the cast are now doing more arguing thatn actual fist to fist stuff and are doing more screaming and hollering now. So it is what it is.

RIP. Love and Hip Hop Atlanta….

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