Another Day In The Hood | Kelly Price accuses CVS Drugs of Discrimination.

Grammy nominated singer Kelly Price is now going against her local 24-hour  CVS Drug Store after she was discriminated against and refused her medication.

Kelly took this claim to her Facebook page and the thought of this happening just left us all in shock. According to Kelly they refused her medication of painkillers because due to the location of her home, which was considered a ‘bad neighborhood’.

Also the singer has said that she was only getting the painkillers because she had previously had dental surgery.

So since they denied it Kelly posted this….

She showed her outrage and anger by doing a Facebook post titled “Shame On You CVS”

Kelly Price 1
Kelly Price 3

Price claims to have also been offended because she thinks that the medication would have only been given to her only if she had been living in an area with a higher social economic make up.

“It is my hope that no person in ANY community should ever have to deal with unfair scrutiny or denial of service because of where they live, what they look like or how rich or poor the pharmacist thinks they are.
Hopefully this will be the beginning of a change in the way this company does business in our communities.”

Price said….she later on then went back to post another post in addition to her last one explaining her reaction on the news.

Kelly Price 5

I wonder about her sometimes, I mean maybe she does need some painkiller! :/

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