BB King Funeral Plans Announced

Details about B.B. King's memorial and funeral services have been revealed.
Singer B.B. King dead at age 89

I didn’t know until a few hours ago that BB King died. And that was four days ago when he did pass away. RIP MR KING

Now that I have mentioned that, I am also going to mention that his daughter has announced the funeral plans and services for MR.King.

King’s youngest daugher Claudette has verified that the celebration for his life will be in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada. The memorial service will be on May 23, 2015. They say that the service will be open to fans and others to pay respects, they will be able to see King’s casket also.

Apparently King died in his sleep on May 14, 2015 of what is said to be a heart attack.nformation about the singer’s funeral and burial service haven’t been released yet, but the executive director of the B.B. King Museum, Dion Brown, says they will be held in Indianola, Mississippi the week after his memorial.

King is known as the king of Blues and sure indedd has left a legacy for us all to see and remember by his music. I will also state that King has performed with many greats and I am sure they were feeling happy to have performed with him.


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