Christians say leave The Charlie Charlie Game alone!

Charlie Charlie encourages people to summon demon

It has came to my attention that more and more people are trying to prove whether this shit is real, bottom line, if it says something about demons, I wont try it. I already got too much negative energy around me wit these bitches (my friends) so what makes you think that I want this little boy named Charlie following me. I don’t even have kids and this is why because kids are demons…well to me.

Story is over the weekend there has been more and more people doing this challenge.Many Christians are now on twitter and social media warning people about Charlie, saying that Charlie is a demon and he should be left alone.

Originally, Charlie Charlie was called “The Pencil Game,” but now we have “the spirit world version of a Magic 8 Ball.” There is a six-pencil version and then the two pencil one (I doubt half these people have 6 pencils cuz they are normally stupid) inundating Twitter. In this one, two pencils are crossed over four squares. In each, the gullible participant writes “yes” and “no.”

And here’s the really brilliant step: Summon the demon by chanting “Charlie, Charlie, can we play?” If the pencils point toward yes, you ask Charlie questions. If no, you either consider yourself lucky and move on with your life, or you try again.

Now there are other beliefs opposing this, some Mexicans use this demon to be helpful and ask for advice in life.
Apparently, some people have attested to some spooky results – even sending out warning like “they may seem friendly at first, but have sinister plans,” across the Twitter-sphere. Others have reported “hearing voices, things being moved, shadows, sinister laughing and more.”

Charlie Charlie has made a few Christians nervous on twitter.

They have made warnings saying that the story behind the demon is so sinister, that it is not to be messed with.

Love and Hip Hop says they wont be showing anymore Fights

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta has been showing big, fights some seeming bigger than the Civil Rights Movement.

Love and Hip Hop producers have put out documents and having everyone sign them in order to be on the show, the documents are asking that all cast members remain non-violent. Many people are finally happy to see the executives come through and lay down the law on the cast members.
All brawls that occur on tape are now going to be cut out from the t.v. show’s final showings.

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Side Dish: To be honest its a good thing but then again it maybe a bad thing for this too happen. You know the executives, I think are finally scared since the last season’s reunion and the fact that Joseline and Stevie J went on a full launch fight and started the whole stage up on a brawl last season.

This maybe the most riskiest decision that the exec have made because this is the only thing that basically make Love and Hip Hop worth watching and also tlets also remember that the talking and no fighting crap is getting  old.

Everyone has been told that if they do fight or become violent on set that they will be given harsh punishments.(Probably charges put out against them I think). Someone has told me that the cast are now doing more arguing thatn actual fist to fist stuff and are doing more screaming and hollering now. So it is what it is.

RIP. Love and Hip Hop Atlanta….

Another Day In The Hood | Kelly Price accuses CVS Drugs of Discrimination.

Grammy nominated singer Kelly Price is now going against her local 24-hour  CVS Drug Store after she was discriminated against and refused her medication.

Kelly took this claim to her Facebook page and the thought of this happening just left us all in shock. According to Kelly they refused her medication of painkillers because due to the location of her home, which was considered a ‘bad neighborhood’.

Also the singer has said that she was only getting the painkillers because she had previously had dental surgery.

So since they denied it Kelly posted this….

She showed her outrage and anger by doing a Facebook post titled “Shame On You CVS”

Kelly Price 1
Kelly Price 3

Price claims to have also been offended because she thinks that the medication would have only been given to her only if she had been living in an area with a higher social economic make up.

“It is my hope that no person in ANY community should ever have to deal with unfair scrutiny or denial of service because of where they live, what they look like or how rich or poor the pharmacist thinks they are.
Hopefully this will be the beginning of a change in the way this company does business in our communities.”

Price said….she later on then went back to post another post in addition to her last one explaining her reaction on the news.

Kelly Price 5

I wonder about her sometimes, I mean maybe she does need some painkiller! :/

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BB King Funeral Plans Announced

Details about B.B. King's memorial and funeral services have been revealed.
Singer B.B. King dead at age 89

I didn’t know until a few hours ago that BB King died. And that was four days ago when he did pass away. RIP MR KING

Now that I have mentioned that, I am also going to mention that his daughter has announced the funeral plans and services for MR.King.

King’s youngest daugher Claudette has verified that the celebration for his life will be in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada. The memorial service will be on May 23, 2015. They say that the service will be open to fans and others to pay respects, they will be able to see King’s casket also.

Apparently King died in his sleep on May 14, 2015 of what is said to be a heart attack.nformation about the singer’s funeral and burial service haven’t been released yet, but the executive director of the B.B. King Museum, Dion Brown, says they will be held in Indianola, Mississippi the week after his memorial.

King is known as the king of Blues and sure indedd has left a legacy for us all to see and remember by his music. I will also state that King has performed with many greats and I am sure they were feeling happy to have performed with him.



If you don’t know her already lets go on ahead and start a little profile on her, Darshell Jones-Raikstraw.

First let me start by saying, we all know Usher Raymond, the singer, songwriter, dancer and actor. Okay overall an entertainer. Many people are fascinated by Usher’s ability to do things close to that of Michael Jackson. So no wonder why people would be fascinated by him, but this is beyond fascination.

This is an obsession….

A weird creepy obsession.

Apparently, Darshell Jones-Raikstraw, has an infamous name around Atlanta. This woman has been stalking Usher for a while. Raikstraw showed up at Usher’s home once and that was the final straw. Previously before that she had been following him online. Well after that she was arrested for trespassing and then Raymond later on put a restraining order out on her.

Sadly that was only to last for a year. It ended in 2013 and Raikstraw has been back to “raiking up some trouble and dancing in the straw”

A creepy Raikstraw takes a selfie

This year this woman has let everyone know that the third restraining order against her was declined(dismissed) by a Fulton County judge.

This woman is so crazy that she has even tried to extort money from the iconic crooner.

In November 2014, Jones-Rakestraw even left a message for Usher’s attorney, John Mayoue, demanding that he return her call and that Usher send her money!

“I drove to Chicago and I want him to Western Union me some money or either give me something to get to work and I’m not playing with him,” Jones-Rakestraw said in a message.

“I’m tired of the games. If I can’t eat, he can’t eat.”

The AJC reports:

The Grammy Award-winning singer, whose real name is Usher Raymond IV, is asking the court to prevent Darshelle Jones-Rakestraw from contacting him or being within 200 yards of him, his family or his business associates, the petition, filed Friday, states.

Usher is “concerned that criminal trespass and even more harmful events may occur in the future,” the petition states.

Usher is now seeking for a third restraining order this year in 2015.The latest case marks the 3rd (yes THIRD!) time since 2012, that Usher has sought protection from the court from Jones-Rakestraw, who was arrested just days before Christmas after she showed up at the entertainer’s home yet again!

Well you all should just pray for Usher, I think maybe the man is gunna go crazy, I know had it been me I would’ve just ended it all and take her ass out.

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Kanye West "Fire Is Gonna Burn My Soul"

Kanye West performed at the Billboard Music awards and let just say that, things wasn’t cool and calm.

Apparently after Kendall Jenner and Kylie introduced Kanye to the stage that was that the show began.

Via Huffington Post:The 37-year-old rapped a heavily censored version of his song, “All Day,” before launching into an impassioned performance of “Black Skinhead.” It was intense, in true Kanye West fashion.

His set was part of the build-up to his forthcoming album, “Swish.” The album doesn’t yet have a release date, but West has already debuted singles from it, including “FourFiveSeconds,” “All Day” and “Only One.”

I wonder will this become a legendary performance because if it does become one I am going to be so shocked, like for real.

Charlemagne Tha God speaks on Young Thug, Lil Wayne and Rich Homie Quan

You know nowadays we have these rappers doing weird shit, and to be quite honest I don’t give a flip flying fuck bout half of em. Maybe YG and Tyga them niggas but these otha ones, I don’t think I will ever take serious.

via HOT NEWS HIP HOP: Charlamagne Tha God thinks Young Thug should stop acting like Wayne, and also Rich Homie Quan should really stop doing that dance he be doing.

On a recent episode of VladTV, Vlad and Power 105.1 radio host Charlamagne Tha God engaged in a civil but heated debate on the merits of Young Thug’s music, with Vlad advocating for Barter VI and Charlamagne refusing to listen to it.

“I have no desire to hear it,” said Tha God. “I have nothing against Young Thug. [I] don’t know the young man. I’m just not interested in his music. I don’t know what the fuck he’s saying. It’s just not for me. I’m 34 years old, I like rappers that I can actually understand [and] rappers that can articulate very well. The shit he’s on, I ain’t on it.”

‘Magne then shared some words of advice for Thugger: quit acting like Wayne.

“You’re playing yourself,” he said. “You’re setting yourself up for failure, Young Thug, and I’mma tell you why. Be the best Young Thug you can be because people fuck with Young Thug. People like Young Thug… whatever fan base you do have, keep capitalizing off of that and keep being the best Young Thug you can be. You can’t be that young man Lil Wayne.

“He’s no Lil Wayne… Listen, it’s just not in him. Lil Wayne’s a legend. We gotta start giving Wayne the respect he deserves… Carter is Lil Wayne’s last name, it’s an iconic series, and you just jump out there and say, ‘Hey, I’m gonna call my album Tha Carter 6,’ that’s just corny to me.”

When asked by Vlad about Rich Gang, Char’mander said he actually prefers the stylings of Rich Homie Quan to those of Thug.

“I like Rich Homie Quan better than Young Thug,” he said. “I think Rich Homie Quan is actually dope. I like Rich Homie Quan. I hate that dance he be doing. I don’t know what the fuck is going on with that dance.